In order to achieve its goal the project will focus on empowerment of Communities and their active participation in facilitating parents and schools to ensure that OOSC are enrolled and stay in school through the primary cycle.  The approach aims to strengthen community ownership of identifying local issues around enrollment and retention and finding solutions to address these by working with key stakeholders such as parents, schools and government. As a result local barriers to enrollment and retention will be addressed leading to an increase in the number of children being enrolled in school at the primary level as well as a decrease in number of children leaving school during the cycle. This will be a continuous process during the life of the project gradually strengthening community ownership of the process.

In order to achieve this, the project aims to deliver the following interdependent results:

  • Parents- An Increased number of parents will enroll their children in primary school as a result of advocacy and door to door campaigns by young volunteers and a strong connection with the Mohallah Committees.
  • Mohallah Committees- To get a strong community buy in, the ownership of the process will lie with Mohallah committees which will be developed and strengthened as part of the project so that they are recognized and supported by government and community stakeholders as key facilitators for enrollment and retention of OOSC. Mohallah committees will comprise of all key stake holders including parents, schools, civil society, community influencers and government officials creating the link between the demand and supply side.
  • An integral part of the project will be an innovative model (DOSTI) for retaining students in school through a life skills education and sports programme with outcomes which contribute to a positive learning environment so that children are inspired to stay in school. This component will look at school environment and drivers for retention engaging schools, children, parents, community and young volunteers in the process.