British Council (BC), Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN), Children’s Global Network (CGN) and School of Leadership Foundation (SOLF) are implementing ILMPOSSIBLE: Take a Child to School Project in four provinces of Pakistan – Punjab (25 Districts), Sindh (18 Districts), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (12 Districts) and Baluchistan (5 District). The aim of the Project is to enroll 135,000 out of school children (5-11) primarily in Government Primary Schools but in areas where government schools are not available or their capacity is full enrollments will be made in private schools that offer free education (e.g. Charity Schools). Of the newly enrolled children, 80% are expected stay in school during the life of the project. These goals and objectives will be achieved through a set of following activities:

  • Child enrollment will increase with the increased level of awareness of the right to education, importance of education and related processes among parents and communities
  • Improved service delivery and infrastructure in schools with the help of Mohallah Committee interventions
  • Life Skills Education and Sports Coaching Sessions in selected schools within Dosti Initiative
Output Role Project Targets District Targets Responsibility
Mobilization of Volunteers BC and Implementing Partners 14,500 300 Volunteer will be identified from the community, recruited and trained to conduct mobilization drives
Child Enrolment BC and Implementing Partners 135,000 3,000 (  pprox..) Each Volunteer will enroll 10 OOSC by conducting door to door campaign
Child Retention BC and Implementing Partners 108,000 2,400 Each volunteer will conduct monthly monitoring visits to check retention
Mohallah Committee Formation CGN 250 3-5 Mohallah Committees will be formed by mobilizing community and PTC/SMC
Gender Ratio 40% Girls and 60% Boys Enrolment