DOSTI Initiative - Impact

DOSTI initiative was introduced under TACs for retaining students in school through a life skills education and sports programme with outcomes which contribute to a positive learning environment so that children are inspired to stay in school. The first phase of this initiative, under TACs, was successfully launched in 24 districts.

Target Enrollments
Achieved Enrollments
Children Enrollment

The primary target, of child enrollment, set for the first three years was 135,000. This target was achieved in less than two and a half years and currently the figures of child enrollment have surpassed the initial target.

Mohallah Committees

Mohalla committees are an integral part of the project, as they ensure community ownership. Thus far, 267 mohallah committees have been formed in 60 districts across the country with approximately 2,136 members being part of these committees.


Each new ilmbassador represents increased mobilization for the cause of ensuring education for all children across Pakistan. Take A Child to School has thus far mobilized and trained 12,050 individuals as Ilmbassadors.